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Surplus Recovery LLC

Is Your House in Foreclosure?

Our talented and dedicated team can help you get the funds you are owed from the foreclosure sale.

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Elias Rizk


Elias Rizk is a real estate investor who has specialized in foreclosure sales for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in the lending industry and is knowledgeable in navigating real estate court proceedings.

Meet Our Team

Richard Housey

Agent Specialist

Richard Housey has years of experience as a real estate investor, where he has developed the skills needed to become a title expert, help professionals work out liens, short sales and close deals. Richard also has extensive experience with bidding at auctions.

John Kochkerian


John Kochkerian is a practicing attorney with a specialized focus on tax, real estate and probate law.

George Ord


George Ord is an attorney that practices primarily in the area of civil, business and estate litigation.

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Surplus Recovery LLC

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Our Services

Our company provides a number of services ranging from the beginning of the foreclosure process to the end. Our consultations are free and our recovery assistance is contingency based, which means that if we can not get you your money back, you will not be charged.

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We will help you with your foreclosure case from the beginning to the end.

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If contacted at the beginning of the foreclosure process, we can assist by either lending you money or by buying your house to avoid foreclosure in the first place.

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We also help people recover money after losing their home through foreclosure or tax deed at no up-front cost.

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All consultations are free

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Surplus Recovery LLC

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Surplus Recovery LLC